Release Notes for C-STEMBian — 08-22-2017


  • Built based on Raspbian Stretch released on 2017-8-16
  • Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnPi->program folder
  • Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnArduinoInCh->program folder
  • Updated programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnArduinoInC->program folder
  • Added programs in Code in Curriculum->LearnCC++MatlabFortran
  • SSH is not enabled by default
  • added Copyright file at /etc/c-stembian-config/files/COPYRIGHT
  • added Changelog file at /etc/c-stembian-config/files/CHANGELOG


  • Updated C-STEM repository key
  • Enabled I2C by default
  • Set login background image to mondavi.jpg
  • Fixed NXT not detecting in CMC
  • Fixed Ch Program crashes with Mindstorms


  • Enabled VNC by default
  • Set default keyboard layout is now English (US).
  • Set the homepage of chromium the c-stem website.


  • Updated LearnPi folder


  • Redesigned output interface for ChDuino and GPIOViewer
  • Added documents for RoboPlay Competition 2017
  • Updated C-STEM repository host name


  • Updated LearnPi
  • Fixed ChDuino firmware uploading for Raspberry Pi
  • Added missing dl file for Ch Arduino for Raspberry Pi


  • Add missing header files for Ch wiringPi package
  • Add missing dl files for embed Ch
  • Added the chmobile.pdf in documentation for Mobile-C package
  • Add Web-based computing documents in C-STEM Studio
  • Disable autologin as pi by default
  • Disable apache2 by default
  • Upgrade to Raspbian release 3-2-2017


  • Install Raspberry Pi GPIO Viewer
  • Install Ch WiringPi package
  • Install Mobile-C
  • Install Ch Linkbot Controller
  • Install Ch Mindstorm Controller
  • Install ChDuino
  • Add background image for c-stembian
  • Install libqt5serialport5 by default for ChDuino
  • Fix default panel configuration
  • Make ChIDE the default application for text/plain
  • Change default hdmi mode to 5
  • Change default panel/wallpaper/application
  • Install C-STEM Studio
  • Setup Ch Common Gateway Interface pacakge during Ch installation
  • Install LinkbotLabs and its dependencies
  • Install  Ch Mechanism Toolkit f
  • Install Ch Control System Toolkit
  • Install Ch and Embed Ch
  • Install apache2 and vim during stage4
  • Update slides during installation
  • Update os.json for c-stembian for noobs
  • Add stage5 for c-stembian without Ch and C-STEM source files
  • Clone pi-gen official 2016-11-25 release